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Joint Duty Log || Cmdr th'Zarath & Dr Rogers, XO & CMO || "Just the usual..."

Posted on 241403.18 @ 12:30pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Where no man has gone before.

Doctor Rogers was just talking to one of the nurses when she saw a familiar face, "Commander th'Zarath, can I help you?"

Thelin had finally escaped the paperwork for now, his assistant Katzi had been quite accurate as pasting in his appointment for a physical and had cleared his desk so there were no distractions, she had ushered him out of the door with gusto and practically pointed him at sickbay.

"Ah yes, Doctor, I'm here for my physical, as arranged by my assistant," the Andorian replied as he stepped away from the door and towards the young Doctor.

"Oh, yes," she recalled, "Come with me."

Following the young redhead, the Andorian's antennae narrowed towards her, she was extremely young, he had read through her personnel file a couple of times since their first meeting on McKinley, her former CO had forced her up through the ranks rather rapidly, albeit with the support of those around him.

Scarlet felt like she was being watched, "is there a problem, sir, a mark on my uniform or something?" She said worried. She patted the biobed.

"Nope," Thelin replied, feeling as if he had just been caught staring, he must have let his mind wander for a couple of seconds, moving over to the biobed, he pushed himself up and sat facing the young woman, "No problems," he added with a slight smile.

"I feel like a dancing bear on this ship. People look and me strangely and I'm not sure why. I worked hard to get here. I really don't understand the issue." She sighed leaning on the cabinet.

"I don't think there is one Doctor," Thelin replied, the smile still fixed to his face, the antennae narrowing again before perking straight upwards, "Although it could be because they are shocked to see someone so young in your position."

Scarlet frowned, thinking for a moment, and then smiled and with a sigh of breath said, "If you say so."

"It could also be the colour of your hair," the Andorian responded, musing on a point that he had in his mind, "While on Earth, your hair colour is considered a rarity, among other cultures it may be non existent, mine for example, Andorians rarely have anything other than silvery white hair."

"This is StarFleet though," she pointed out, "Except for during exploration exhibitions, we have seen near everything in the current universes we know of."

"Perhaps, perhaps not," Thelin replied with a slight smile as he waited for the Doctor to begin and finish his physical examination, "We've explored quite a bit of this area of our universe, but there is still a great deal more out there, some would say it is infinite."

She smiled beginning her examination, "Maybe," she cleared her throat looking the other way for a moment out of politeness, "To be honest, I just feel uncomfortable with a lot of people staring."

"I'm not surprised, I think most of us are the same deep down," the Andorian responded quickly.

She grinned a little at his response, "I make a deal with you: you stop staring at me like I'm a dancing orangutan and I will stop staring at you... although I don't think I stare much really." she teased and chuckled.

"You don't," Thelin replied as he stuck out his tongue for a second, his antennae narrowing towards the young woman, "But you have a deal," he added with a slight smile.

She smiled, feeling at ease before looking back to the equipment, "You seem healthy to me too, so I guess I won't have much opportunity to keep up my end of the bargain, unless you do something stupid."

"Then I'll be seeing you by the end of the day," the Andorian XO replied with a slight chuckle, "Or after my dinner with the Captain, depends how that goes,"

"Good luck," Scarlet muttered slightly sarcastically.

"I'm sure it will go fine," Thelin replied with a bright smile as he placed a hand down on the biobed, "Are we nearly done?"

"As far as I'm concerned you're fine unless you want to tell me anything," she gave a serious expression as she didn't want anyone to lie to her about their health.

"Nothing comes to mind Doctor," the Andorian replied with a slight nod, "As far as I know I'm in good health, there have been no adverse effects to being on Ferenginar for so long," he added with another chuckle.

"Good," she said brightly with a smile, "You know where I am if you want me, then."

"I can just look out for the flash of flame red hair," Thelin replied as he slid himself off the bed and gave her a small nod, "My door is always open, unless its shut, then it isn't"

Scarlet looked a little puzzled, "Yes of course."

Turning slightly, the Andorian made his way towards the door, it slid open as he approached and he turned to look at the young Doctor, "I'll see you around Doctor." he added as he left, heading back to his office.

The young woman smiled, it was nice to see someone so friendly.

(End Log.)

Commander Thelin th'Zarath
Executive Officer


Doctor Scarlet Rogers
USS Enterprise


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