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PLOT LOG - Senior Staff - "On the Edges of the Map"

Posted on 241710.10 @ 10:45pm by Captain Rozen Coo PhD & Captain Cooper Williams & Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant Alex Rymer & Lieutenant Jennell Forgrave MD & Lieutenant Shakkar Jontar & Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Ayissa Kharg

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus


Captain Rozen Coo sat in the Captain's Chair of the USS Enterprise looking around the bridge. Coop had called the senior staff to the bridge, along with a few other officers. The ship was stopped 'just outside' of the La-Naton Nebula. Their mission was to push the edges of the map and enter the nebula. Before they did so, Rozen assembled the brain trust to collect and analyze data before heading in.

Coop sat in the XO's chair. He listened as the Captain began giving instructions, watching everything carefully....he still didn't like the situation, but he had to help control the chaos that was beginning to ensue on the bridge.

"Ops, distance to Nebula edge?" asked Rozen standing.

"60,000 kilometers outside of the edge, sir," replied the young red headed officer.

"Tactical, prepare a probe with a level 3 sensor pack to send into the Nebula," he called over his shoulder.

"Probe will be ready in two minutes, sir." Rymer said, immediately getting to work. It would take a moment to calibrate it and make sure the right sensor pack was loaded.

"Mallow, can you shift some power to the sensors to give us better resolution?" Rozen asked Lt JG Mallow at the Engineering II terminal.

The mustard collared man tapped a few buttons realizing the Captain's orders, "Done."

"Any change in our prosimity to the Nebula, Doctors?" he asked the CMO and Counsellor

Jennell had a look at the console she was operating. "No change Captain, also sickbay has received no reports of any ill effects from the nebula thus far, however I'll continue to monitor that and let you know of any changes the minute they happen." She said, tapping in a line of code designed to alert her of any changes in sickbay.

Shakkar did the same. He ran his fingers across the display as he brought up the requested information "Confirmed sir." he said. "Everything seems fine on a Counseling perspective as well. "Will keep you posted." he added

"Science, now that we are closer to the singel than we ever have been, is there any change in your analysis?" asked Rozen spinning on his heels looking to the 3 officers clustered over the Science I terminal.

"Not yet, Sir." Kharg replied succinctly. "But we have attached our new sensor, and have the settings on a wide array. We are collecting data as we speak, running it against what we already have isolated."

Pausing a moment to watch the second hand tick on his antique wrist watch, Rozen looked back to the officers on the bridge. "Launch the probe."

The crew watched as the probe departed the ship as a blinking green and blue light on what looked like a torpedo. They watched as the probe moved further and further towards the nebula until, poof, it was gone.

"How far away is the probe?" asked Rozen.

"65km from probe sir, forwarding telemetry to the bridge," replied the red headed officer again.

"Fantastic," he turned in a circle to make eye contact with his crew as he spun, "What are we finding? We have 8 hours until we proceed in. What are our instruments telling us?"

"If Operations and Science can confirm, I see that our sensor resolution seems to be relatively unaffected by the nebula. It seems our precautions are working." Mallow was content with his lazy eyed sensor 'upgrade' net working as intended

Eyes never straying from the new information streaming across the screen before her, Kharg hummed a thoughtful sound. "Captain, may I request Ensign Lionza's presence? She has been quite involved in this so far; and another pair of eyes is never amiss."

"Of course," replied Coo. He tapped his chest "Ensign Lionza to the bridge."

“On my way.” Maria said shutting her console down and grabbing her hand terminal before heading up to the bridge. “Captain.” She said politely as she stepped off the bridge.

"Ensign, lets see if we can make some sense of the information we are getting back. We launched a probe into the nebula," said Rozen nodding to science.

Maria nodded walking over to the auxiliary console as she started studying the data flowing in. Which was a lot but she disagreed a lot of it leaving it for Ayissa allowing her to concentrate more on the bio side of the data.

Data began pouring in to terminals all over the bridge. Rozen was sure someone could have written their dissertation on 20 min of data they had collected thus far. Rozen had a PaDD in hand as he paced the deck taking in bits and pieces of data. One piece of the mystery signal had changed now that they were collecting data within the nebula.

Shifting the data around mostly things that were related to the signal stayed here while some other things she wanted to research further got placed in a storage folder.

"Science team," he said throwing the data from his PaDD to the Science Terminal the officers were clustered around. "Take a look at this?" Rozen looked another second or two at his data. "It looks like the nebula was blocking certain modulations of our mystery signal from reaching us... Looks like an early Starfleet Emergency Beacon? Science, can you confirm?"

"I can say with 98.889% that it is that. But there's something off about it." Maria asked looking at Ayissa, "do you agree ensign?"

Normally bubbly personality lost into the importance of trying to decipher everything that was pouring over the various screens before her, Kharg darted a sidelong glance at the Biologist who had addressed her directly. "It is either an emergency beacon or a very convincing replica. Given that is is using old Starfleet channels, the prior option would be the more probable result. I would advocate for scanning it thoroughly before we engage directly, however."

Rozen's fingers danced on the PaDD again finally sifting through the signal data at hand and read it aloud, 'S-S-S-E-Q-U-O-I-A' "What the hell does that mean?" asked Rozen out-loud somewhat rhetorically, however asking for some insight from anyone on the bridge.

"Sir, I do remember a deep space communications program prior to the launch of the NX-01." Coop looked down at his monitor, "Ah...yes a series of deep space communications satellites used as early subspace relay buoys and navigation points." Coop transferred the information to Rozen hoping he could make more sense of it.

Rozen's fingers danced over his PaDD and looked glancing around briefly as muscle memory knew where to tap. "Navigational points, yes. Bread crumbs... for the SS Sequoia. Records of early missions in that era are hard to come by, however all it really says is the SS Sequoia was a colony ship, planing to drop satellites until they ran out, than find a place to call 'home'," said Rozen looking to his XO.

He took a gulp, glancing around the bridge to his crew, "...Fleet hasn't heard from the Sequoia for nearly 250 years..."

Coop looked at his terminal."Sir, that was supposed to be Enterprise's first mission. Track the Sequoia. Obviously the situation with the Klingons took priority. They were finally able to get back on the Sequoia's trail before it vanished again. Logs from Admiral Archer suggested at the time that the Sequoia was lost will all hands." He kept reading "The trip back to earth would have taken them nearly a month at Warp 5..."

"Sir this doesn't make sense." Maria said, "I mean this is the Gamma quadrant. The NX series didn't have the capabilities to get all the way out here." Maria said looking at the data again.

"Ensign this is the Xindi we're talking about. They had, rather have technology that we don't even know about. Keep in mind they were pawns in some temporal cold war when Enterprise was launched...they were given technology that we could only dream of..."He tapped his monitor. The viewscreen changed to a map surrounding the Delphic Expanse. "They lost the" A point showed up on the map. "Roughly 3 weeks trip back to Earth from the expanse." Coop backed the screen up to show that the expanse was incomplete. "Once things were done with the Xindi, navigational markers were put up to stop anyone from going in. The expanse was never finished."

"I am very much aware of the Xindi. It was myself and ensign Kharg that connected the Xindi to the signal." Maria said sounding slightly annoyed but still respectful. "Even with all their technology. Where is the Xindi ship that would've done the transport of this old Earth ship?"

"There are a great many possibilities." Ayissa piped up, without raising her gaze from the readouts, her fingers flying methodically across the padd in one hand. "And not enough data to dismiss many of them, as of yet. We will need more."

"Well, now, that is what we are here to find out..." Rozen said to his crew. "We know the origin of the SS Sequoia's beacon, its right in there," Rozen pointed a finger at the view screen that now showed the nebula dead ahead. "We are closer to the source than we have ever been, we have more questions than we have ever had. Lets get some answers."

There was a pause, a deafening silence on the bridge. "Helm, take us into the nebula, destination: source of the signal."

The Helm Officers fingers danced over the terminal. Rozen felt the hum under his boots of the engines powering up, and the ship began to move forward, into the unknown.

Coop looked at Tactical, "Lieutenant Rymer, bring us to yellow alert and begin full sensor scans. Tactical and Science packages...I want to know what's out there before it knows what's scanning it." Coop was betting on 22nd Century sensors trying to track a 24th century starship...and failing.

Captain Rozen Coo PhD

Commander Cooper Williams

Lieutenant JG Kezkhe

Lieutenant JG Hober Mallow

Lieutenant JG Alex Rymer

Lieutenant JG Jason Lucas

Lieutenant JG Jennell Forgrave MD

Lieutenant JG Shakkar Jontar

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Ensign Ayissa Kharg


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