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Joint Duty Log || Cmdr th'Zarath & Dr Rogers, XO & CMO || "Just a quick heads up..."

Posted on 241404.12 @ 6:15pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Where no man has gone before.

=/\= Sickbay, USS Enterprise =/\=

Another corridor and another door took Thelin into sickbay again, this time he was looking for the young Doctor for another reason, he stepped through the door and headed straight for her office.

"Doctor Rogers, are you here?" he asked with a slight smile.

Scarlet looked over her shoulder with a warm smile at Thelin as she was just brewing a cup of tea before she started her late shift properly, "Yes, I am. Come on in."

"What kind of experience do you have in first contact situations?" the Andorian asked out of the blue as he leant against the door frame and clasped his hands behind his back.

"Sorry?" She turned around very quickly, puzzled.

"It would seem that I may be leading an away team to meet a new race, I believe you might be the right fit for it." Thelin replied with a slight smile.

"Oh," she smiled, "That would make a lot more sense than the hypothetical situations you could have been referring to," she chuckled.

"Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we've begun moving into the system and we expect that they will have detected our approach, they're warp capable and seem to live in an interesting area of space." the Andorian responded, moving to lean on the back of the chair facing her desk, "You'll need a medkit prepared but hopefully will have no need to use it."

"Sorry, sir, but the last few lots of away trips I've done, did not go so well," she grimaced a little and sipped her tea as she took a seat in her chair.

"I'm sure this one will be fine," Thelin replied, "I've got plenty of experience as a diplomat, plus we have a dedicated diplomat on-board so he'll be joining us."

Scarlet bit her lip, troubled, "I'll go on the trip, but I'm never the optimist on these trips, only the adventurer and bag of nerves."

Chuckling slightly, the Andorian turned the chair slightly and took his seat, "We've got plenty of time before we have to leave, I think..." he added with a grin, "It all depends on how soon they detect us."

"Sounds like we're playing a game of battleship, sir," she smirked.

"Perhaps, for all we know they will start shooting at us," Thelin replied, his antennae narrowing towards the young redhead, "Such is the peril of first contact missions."

Scarlet muttered, "I didn't sign up for this shi... Actually, tell a lie, I did."

"There are times when I wonder what the hell we signed up for," the Andorian replied with another chuckle, "Starfleet has always seemed to be on the wrong end of things, we've been challenged by nearly every major power recently."

"You can apparently," she smirked looking into her tea, "apparently," she reiterated, "catch just as many flies with cow crap than you can honey."

"This may be true, but lets just hope that these people are friendly, we'll need as many allies as we can get to rebuild to our former strength," he replied.

She nodded, "We need another Switzerland in this war," she sighed.

"Switzerland?" the Andorian asked, his antennae perking slightly in confusion, "What does a country on Earth have to do with anything?"

"History my dear Watson," she smirked and looked back to the man, "There are stories of wars on Earth 'back in the day', where there was a neutral party who never wanted to get involved but were kind of forced to."

"Ah, I think I understand," Thelin replied with another chuckle, "There are still plenty of neutral parties, some we have yet to discover,"

Scarlet raised an eyebrow, "You know, kids on the playground are always forced to take sides between two people who are feuding. This will not be any different. I have just learnt to smile and do my job. I can't get involved in the politics because I do not know enough about it, nor would I want to."

"Sadly you are involved, sort of," the Andorian replied with a slight smile and a light sigh, "We're following the orders of our Captain, as we all agreed to when we signed on, some people may consider that to be the wrong course of action depending on their viewpoint, I just hope that when all this is over, noone is punished for just following orders."

Scarlet nodded reluctantly, "I wish I understood the captain, I don't trust him like I did my prior."

"It's a new working relationship, it'll take time to build into something a little more solid," Thelin replied as he stood and moved away from the chair, "Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up in case your selection on an away mission comes as a surprise, I'd rather you were prepared for it."

"Thanks for the warning," she smiled. After a sip of her tea she stood up and went to follow Thelin out so she could start work once more.

"You'll receive the call as soon as we're ready to set off, so have that medkit handy." the Andorian replied, heading for the door and for his last stop, a meeting with the ships resident diplomat.

"It's always ready, it has to be for emergencies," Scarlet smirked, "I will see you soon, sir."

(End Log.)

Commander Thelin th'Zarath
Executive Officer


Doctor Scarlet Rogers
Chief Medical Officer

USS Enterprise


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