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Joint Duty Log || Cmdr th'Zarath & Lt Larel, XO & CSci || "Engaging studies..."

Posted on 241404.11 @ 1:59pm by Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath & Lieutenant JG Valok Larel

Mission: Where no man has gone before.
Location: Science Labs, USS Enterprise

=/\= Main Science Lab, USS Enterprise =/\=

Striding down the corridor from the turbolift, the Andorian found himself in a part of the ship that he would only frequent a few times and not for any significant period of time, he knew what he was looking for and turned the corner, nearly bowling over an Ensign who was hurrying around with a stack full of padds.

Apologising with a nod, Thelin moved aside and let him pass, returning to his path and into the main labs, "I'm looking for Lieutenant Larel, is he around?" he asked one of the officers busying herself around the lab.

The officer nodded and pointed over to a console in the corner, then without missing a beat, turned back to her work. Valok's sensitive ears picked up the conversation, and he saved the simulation he was working on. Standing, he approached the man and said "Excuse me, you were looking for Lieutenant Larel? You've found him. How can I help you today sir?"

"As you might have noticed, we've arrived at our first port of call when it comes to charting new places, designated the Kiva system," the Andorian began as he slid a padd out of his uniform and handed it to the scientist, "We've launched a probe and discovered a low Warp civilisation, but also some rather... odd gravimetric readings, it would seem that something is holding the rest of the planets in the system outside of the habitable zone, Captain Carpenter thinks that this may be the ideal thing for you and your team to get started with."

Taking the padd, Valok glanced at it, and with effort, kept his expression neutral. "This sounds very interesting sir. I look forward to starting immediately. Are there any restrictions on what resources I would have access to? Mainly the redirection of the main sensor array and other such systems?"

"Because we are not anticipating any additional troubles, our Chief Operations Officer will be rerouting as much as you need into the sensor arrays, you will have priority access." the Andorian replied with a slight nod.

Nodding, Valok replied "Thank you sir. Is there anything I need to know about this project before I begin? Also, would I be reporting my findings to you or the captain?"

"It depends, if it may prove to be something harmful to the ship, report directly to the Captain," Thelin replied with a slight smile, "If it is something harmless then come to me and I will pass it to him."

"Understood sir" Valok replied "Was there anything else before I get to work sir?" He didn't mean to sound dismissive, but the scientist in him was eager to dig into the mystery before him.

"Not that I can think of off the top of my head," the Andorian replied with a slight smile, "If I happen to be off the ship when you find something, take it to the Captain, it seems that there is a warp capable civilization here, so I may be saying hello."

Smiling very slightly, Valok replied "Understood sir. If you do visit these people, can you forward me your findings? I am very interested in learning about new cultures."

"I'll have anything we find out transferred to you as soon as I am able," Thelin replied as he turned on his heels and headed towards the door, "until then." he added as he strode out of the door.

After the commander left, Valok immediately grabbed a nearby console and began downloading the information on the padd. He wanted to get a good start on the information while it was still fresh in his mind.

(End Log.)

Commander Thelin th'Zarath
Executive Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Valok Larel
Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise


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