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241404.xx || Dr Rogers & Commander Thelin th'Zarath || Trust London

Posted on 241405.27 @ 6:33pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Where no man has gone before.

Scarlet entered the holo-deck and smiled at the familiarity of the room she entered into. She looked out of a balcony on a high story building to the outskirts on London where she had grown up. The breeze rustled through her hair as she lent on the barrier preventing her from falling. Scarlet shut her eyes and took it all in. Though she never felt like this was her home, she enjoyed the freedom of the enclosed spaces before her. A city may be open, but it is overcrowded. Chaos has an element of beauty, and Scarlet found that in her work and where ever she was. Adrenalin would always be perfection. She found this out a long time ago. It was more set as a reminder that things do go wrong when in safety. She looked down over the railings at the hustle and bustle of London and smiled. The height alone made her heart race.

"Very nice," Thelin stated as he moved forward away from the door and out onto the balcony, "I have always enjoyed London."

Scarlet jumped out of her skin and cursed, "Sir, you startled me." She stood up straight and straightened her jeans and top.

"Sorry to interrupt, I'm the one intruding on your program," the Andorian replied with a hand held up and a slight nod towards the young woman, "I was just wondering if you would like to join me for a bite to eat."

Scarlet smiled, "Can I ask the purpose of us dining together?" she walked forward and stood in the doorway between the balcony and the main room, looking to Thelin curiously.

"To build a mutual friendship and trust," Thelin replied with a slight smile, his antennae narrowing towards her slightly, "We're bound to be working together for quite some time, it would be better if we trusted each other."

"I trusted I'd be alone here," she smirked, "Just ask next time." She walked back out onto the balcony and offered a seat to Thelin. She often kept an outdoor dining set on the balcony. The sounds of the hustle and bustle of London was somewhat soothing in its chaos.

"I'll keep that in mind Doctor," the Andorian replied, a chuckle passing his lips as he moved and sat down, "So, how are you settling in on the Enterprise?"

"It's ok, I guess," she smiled a little off, "You here because I threw a water bottle at the captain's head?"

A little taken a-back, the Andorian coughed slightly before speaking, "I... had not heard of that incident, yet, I'm sure there may be a report on my desk about it." Thelin replied with a stifled laugh.

The young doctor cursed as she sat down, "I don't have anger management issues, I just have issues with the captain. No matter how hard either of us try, it will always end in some form of conflict. As CMO of this ship, I can't afford not to be friends with the captain." She sighed and put her face in her hands, "I swear I didn't sign up for this."

"You don't need to be friends with the Captain, you just need to be firm with him and make sure that he understands that there are times when you can overrule him." Thelin responded, his arms folded in front of him, "He doesn't need friends as his staff."

"I don't expect to be best chummy buddies with him skipping through daisies," she ran her fingers through her hair in frustration, "I just want to have some sort of non-violent, non-argumentative, 150% tolerable conversation time with him. We didn't start out on the right foot and it has gone down hill ever since," she sighed, "I swear I am one more mistake away from being kicked off this ship and it will be the captain who drop kicks me, straight out the front window of this damned vessel."

"As long as you patch up his crew... and him, when I let him off the ship, then he'll restrain himself from kicking you off the ship," the Andorian replied quickly.

"If it's a non lethal injury that will cause pain, like a paper cut to the balls, I'm not fixing him up. I would laugh," she smirked.

"I... do not want to imagine how the Captain would get such an injury, considering we don't use paper anymore, but I could see that being somewhat hilarious." Thelin replied with a nod.

Scarlet mused a moment, "I'm sure that if we've thought of it, some poor CMO has had to deal with it."

"That seems a distinct possibility," Thelin replied with a chuckle as he leant back in the chair and looked out over the view of London.

"So why are you really here?" Scarlet looked out to the scene with a serious face.

"Nothing beyond what I had already said," the Andorian replied quickly, "To build a mutual trust and respect for eachother, over dinner of course," he added with another slight smile.

Scarlet looked slowly and suspiciously at him, "No offence, but there is usually an angle."

"No angle, just the trust and respect thing," Thelin responded with a laugh, "We're bound to be working together for some time, I'd like to have a good rapport with the officers I'm working with."

"You certainly are the opposite of the captain," she grinned, "What do you fancy then? We could have London's finest: steak and chips."

"Whatever you suggest Doctor, you seem to be the expert in this matter, at least compared to me, I've spent rather little time in London during my time on Earth." came the reply, the smile broadening and the antennae narrowing.

"It is certainly a recommendation. I'll go get it," she smiled and stood up.

"Excellent, I look forward to it, you will have to try some Andorian cuisine sometime, it should agree with you quite well." Thelin replied.

Scarlet walked back in and placed the plate in front of the man, "I don't think I've tried Androrian cuisine. Maybe you can repay the favour." She chuckled a little.

"I'm game if you are," the Andorian replied as he picked up a knife and fork and began cutting into the meat she had set before him, he cut off a bite-size piece and examined it for a second before placing it into his mouth.

"It is edible, I can assure you," she grinned taking a bite, "and if it's not, I'm a medic."

"Certainly an interesting texture, I think we have something similar on Andoria, but nothing that was ever considered a speciality, it was just something that... existed," Thelin replied after clearing his mouth.

Scarlet laughed, "Oh, I only call this a speciality out of spite for british cuisine. You see we have a very diverse culture, so what used to be british cuisine is now worldly cuisine."

"I've noticed, I think on my first visit here I was confronted by a concoction called a curry," the Andorian replied as he cut up a few more chunks and faked a slight choke, "I wish they had warned me what the little icons next to them meant on the menu, otherwise I wouldn't have ordered the one with the most."

"You like spicy foods then?" she laughed, "I'm not the greatest fan, although when I have a cold or something it really helps clear the sinuses."

"I didn't enjoy the experience, it was quite painful, multiple times," Thelin replied as he shoveled some chips into his mouth, followed by another piece of steak.

"It's not for everyone," she smiled, "This on the other hand, is one of the plainest dishes you'll find on Earth besides soup."

"I wouldn't call it bland, it has quite a nice flavour to it," the Andorian replied as another piece was placed into his mouth, "I could get used to this."

Scarlet smiled, "It's alright. I'm always up for trying new cuisine though."

"Then it seems like we have dinner sorted for another day too, I look forward to it," the Andorian replied with a slight smile as another bite of the steak disappeared between his lips.

"I suppose it's a date then," she smirked down at her emptying plate.


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