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Joint Log | Dr Rogers, Lieutenant Alyssa Lucas & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath | Broken Confidences

Posted on 241407.22 @ 5:43pm by Lieutenant Alyssa Lucas & Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Suicidal Running Title
Timeline: After the briefing log

Things had been on Alyssa's mind, even more so catching the coming and goings from Scarlet's quarters. She hated not trusting a crew member, and even more spying on them. But under the circumstances... Waiting outside of the doctors quarters she eyed her as she stepped out. "What are you doing?"

Scarlet screamed, "What the hell are YOU doing!?" her hand went straight to her heart as it raced from the fright.

"I'm trying to find out what the hell you are doing. How can you trust him enough to sleep with him. He very likely could have been behind what happened. Behind the disappearance of our Captain." Aly's gaze was hard upon the doctor as she questioned her.

"My actions have nothing to do with you and I would appreciate this to stay under your belt until such a time as the information that I have come by is allowed to go public," Scarlet hissed a bit quietly, "Who's to say I'm sleeping with him. I was his friend long before the events of late and I am not going to compromise the mental health of an individual in this crew because he is an outcast in a crowd of his once fellow crew mates."

"It's my job to make sure the people on this ship stay safe. So therefor this does have to do with me. We have no proof that he was or wasn't involved yet, and I would much rather look at the worst and hope for the best. I will do what I have to in order to do my job."

A little shake of her head was given. "Sleeping with him or not.. do you really think him staying the night as much as he is... is wise? I'm not saying shove him away and.. 'compromising his mental health" I'm just saying, limit it. Or are you in things with him too?" She didn't exactly believe the doctor was, but she wanted the woman to realize that people might look at her spending this time with the previous First officer as a bad thing.

"What I do is by my choice," Scarlet stood up straight, "if you have an issue with this, take it up with the captain, or even intelligence." With that Scarlet went to walk away to the MedBay.

Aly reached out and grasped Scarlet's arm a moment. "Not when it endangers others on this ship. So were you? Were you involved?"

Dr Rogers snatched her hand away, "If it endangered people on this ship I would be a terrible doctor."

"Not if you didn't know the exact details. You could have just been an accessory to the fact" She shook her head. "Do what you want, but I'm not going to drop this. Not till I find out the truth. I just hope you don't get hurt in the process."

Scarlet sighed before slamming Aly to the wall of the corridor, pinning her there, after making sure no-one was around, "Listen to me and listen to me carefully. You putting your nose in, will harm this ship more than if you just leave it, I can assure you of that. I am not going to jeopardise this ship's safety because some security officer has false hunches and is making shit up in her head."

Just as quick, Scarlet found herself turned and her back pressed against the wall, if the doctor was smart she'd remember that Aly wasn't some weakling. Holding her there, her gaze intense locked upon the Docs. "I can't just leave it, if you know something you need to tell me. It's my job to get to the truth of things, and I will. Do you really think I'm the only one that questions the amount of time you are spending with him? I'm simply the only one bold enough to bring it to your attention. To question you about it. To do My job."

Scarlet attempted to break free managing to kick Aly in her stomach sending her flying to the opposing wall, "It's not your job, it's intelligence's, and they know full well what is going on. So back off."

Just as quick, she was up grabbing Scarlet, spinning her around to pin her face first against the wall. "Assaulting a Security officer is only making you look even more guilty. I came to talk, that was it. And is 'Is' my job to keep people on the ship safe dammit. I couldn't do it with the Captain, possibly because of Thelin. I'm not going to risk others."

"Self defence, a court will let me off," Scarlet hissed trying to shake free, "You know nothing and I suggest you walk away and forget this happened." Scarlet screech a little in pain from where here nose had hit the wall, and sniffed as it bled.

Having heard the commotion from inside the quarters, Thelin had let them run as far as he dared before intervening, he placed a heavy, metallic hand on the shoulder of the security officer, his voice was virtually a growl, "I suggest you remove your hands from Scarlet before I have you bought up on charges of harassment, Lieutenant." the Andorian stated matter of factly and with a sharp emphasis on the rank.

Alyssa was about to reply to the Doctor, that was till she felt the hand and heard Thelin. Releasing Scarlet, she stepped back and from both of them. Greens showed clearly her anger though she, for the moment held her tongue.

Scarlet dropped to the floor holding her nose.

"If you have ANY proof of wrong doing on my part, other than hearsay and innuendo, then I suggest you follow it up through the correct channels instead of targeting people I am close to." the Andorian replied, his voice returning to a calm and level tone as he took Scarlet in the crook of his cybernetic arm and wiped away a trickle of blood from her nose with his right hand, "We can forget that this... incident... happeninged if you turn around and walk away, else I will be forced to report this breach of protocol to our new Captain."

"Leave it Thelin," Scarlet waved him off before looking to Aly, "You have no proof, you only have hypothesis, which cannot be proven. You need to leave. I'll blame this on an accident in the medical bay if you keep your mouth shut and your nose to yourself. Not to mention the fact that I need you to back me up in the upcoming briefing." Scarlet pinch the bridge of her nose to stop it from bleeding.

She took a slow deep breath and tried to remind herself that she did need to focus on finding more proof. First step with that would be talking to the intel officer and the ones she had down in the brig. Would she keep her nose to herself... doubtful. But, Aly at least knew when to step back from a fight and re-asses things and this was one of those times. "Fine, I'll see you at the meeting, Commander."

"Last thing you need on your record is assaulting a senior officer and falsely accusing one. This could count as the start of mutiny," Scarlet said somewhat nasely, "Cross me again and I will put a medical record forward that states you are unfit for work due to anger management issues and psychotic disorder and whatever else I can lay my hands on when it comes to your medical files. The councillor and I are close."

"Thanks for the 'threat', Commander. I'll remember that," She said she turned and let smooth, swift strides down the hall to make her way to her office.

Scarlet waited for the woman to leave before turning to Thelin, "Thank you," she began before pointing at him and becoming a bit more stern, "You," she sniffed removing her hand from her nose, "You need to talk to the captain about our relationship, because I need him to back you up when this goes public. People need to know that you're innocent otherwise my job will be non existent on this ship because people won't trust me, the person who's job it is to protect the welfare and lives of the people on board."

"I'm going to," Thelin replied as he brushed a strand of hair out of her face and away from the trickle of blood that ran from her nose, "Come on, we should get that sorted out."

"I need to go to the medical bay," she put her hand back on the bridge of her nose turning away, "You go talk to the captain."

"Yes Commander," the Andorian replied, sticking his tongue out quickly before turning on his heels and beating a hasty retreat down the corridor towards the turbolift.

"It's Doctor or Rogers, nothing else," Scarlet called after him before cursing quietly at the pain she felt in her nose and the fact there was blood on her uniform. She hastened toward the medical bay making sure not much blood hit the floor.

---End Log---

Dr Scarlet Rogers
Chief Medical Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Alyssa Lucas
Chief Security
USS Enterprise


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