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BRIEFING LOG - Senior Staff

Posted on 241708.14 @ 12:19pm by Captain Rozen Coo PhD & Captain Cooper Williams & Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant Alex Rymer & Lieutenant JG Jason Lucas & Lieutenant Jennell Forgrave MD & Lieutenant Maria Lionza

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

=*= Briefing Room, Deck 1 =*=

Captain Rozen Coo paced the deck in front of the long briefing room table. Yeoman Solverson sat quietly in the back corner of the room with a padd in hand. Since the Enterprise had departed Earth the day before, a briefing had been called, by Rozen, to discuss the details of their upcoming mission.

Rozen paced in the quiet room, feeling as though he could hear a analog clock tick quietly off in the distance, but he knew it was not the case. Only his mind playing tricks on him. The silence was broken by the door opening, Rozen turned to see who it was.

Coop entered the briefing room after ensuring the Enterprise was on course. He nodded to the Yeoman before acknowledging the Captain. "Morning, Sir. Hope you slept well?"

"I did, very much so," replied Rozen. "Something comforting about being back out to 'sea'." Rozen nodded as the Doctor entered next.

Coop nodded. "Forgot how much I missed it being in San Francisco for the last few years."

Next to walk in was Jennell. She had aimed to arrive early for the meeting, as it was one of her first aboard the Enterprise. She walked around and took her seat. She was currently standing in for the CMO, who was out of action at the moment. "Good morning Captain, Commander." She said, nodding to both.

Coop nodded, "Good Morning Doctor. I hope you're settling in alright?"

"Settling in fine thank you Commander." Jennell said smiling at Cooper, then looking across at the CO. "How's your nose feeling Captain?" She asked.

"Well enough," replied the Captain. "Thank you again Doctor."

Maria found it odd that a) a ensign was being invited to a senior officer briefing and b) a biologist was being invited. The second one wasn't that odd especially if the mission required a biologist so maybe this wasn't all that odd. Either way Maria arrived in her uniform and her usual satchel.

Hober was the next to arrive representing the engineering department, the acting Chief quite literally knee deep in a console in a science lab. Mallow felt a little like Lieutenant Baker's right hand man, being included on all the major events in department the last few days. He wordlessly took a seat around the table.

Jason approached the doors to the briefing room and they opened to reveal a number of people that he didn't really know at all. Captan Coo was the only familiar face, except perhaps for an ensign from his own department. Jason greeted the Captain with a smile and a nod "Captain" before nodding to the fist officer "Commander" out of respect despite having never met him. A polite "hello" sufficed for the remainder of the room. Unsure quite what they were in for, but excited he took a seat at the table.

Alex walked in next, the Chief having essentially told him "Go because I don't feel like it", though he had worded it somewhat more professionally... something to do with having to learn how staff meetings worked if he ever wanted to run a department... the young Lieutenant took a seat and surveyed the room quietly.

The last of the Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs filed in and Rozen began to speak to the group, "I appreciate you time today. As you all know we have departed Earth after our restock, resupply and new rotations of crew, Commander Williams and myself included," said Rozen nodding to his XO.

"That being said I want to thank you all for being apart of this crew. Far too often our efforts go unappreciated and I am honored you be apart of this fine fleet," said Rozen speaking in general terms.

"As we departed Earth we set a course for the Gamma quadrant, out past Outpost 1138. About 3 weeks ago the outpost began picking up a signal from a direction of space our exploration efforts have not thoroughly exploited. The outpost heard the signal for about a week before they passed it up the flagpole. One of their science officers managed to triangulate the signal, off of some old subspace buoys, to find it was nearly 500 lightyears away from the outpost, deep in unexplored space.

"Typically this isn't something we would just load up a crew and ship off the most well equipped science vessel in the fleet. However, the thing that makes this trip intriguing is the mysterious signal is that it is intermixed with a 50 year old Starfleet Emergency Beacon signal," Rozen paused and took a look around the room.

Coop looked up from a PADD, "Sir, no mission has been sent out that fact, that outpost wasn't established until about 20 years ago..."

"That is part of what makes this so intriguing," said Rozen looking to his XO.

Jason's brow furrowed as he tried to take in what captain Coo was saying. There was a thrill that ran through his blood when he heard 'deep space mission', which was countered by a chill as he heard the confusing timelines of the signal and the establishment of the outpost. Internally he was thinking, 'interesting' but he dare now utter a word in case the Captain asked for his immediate thoughts.

Maria was slightly intrigued mystery signals have had some connection with the biology section of science especially if the signal was biological in origin and not a man made signal. "Do we have the copy of the signal?" Maira asked.

"We do," replied Rozen sliding a isolinear chip down the table to between Maira and Jason. "The outgoing Director of Starfleet Science was kind enough to provide it to the incoming Commanding Officer of the Enterprise, which are both me," he finished in a lower tone.

"The reason the signal came to the attention of Starfleet Science is that there are 3 components to it: typical subspace background noise, the old Emergency Beacon signal and an almost organic frequency component," said Rozen realizing the last part of the statement didn't really make sense, but that is part of why the Enterprise was being sent to investigate.

Picking up the iso chip she set it on top of her 'hand terminal' allowing the data to transfer. And now it made sense why she was brought into the meaning. "I'll get started on an analysis of the signal and try to pin point the bio-siginatures of the signal.

"Security Chief, if you would start running drills to get everyone on the same page before we leave the map," he said looking to Alex. "Work with Science to see if the mystery signal has any effect on defense frequencies."

"If Security and Science find any ill effects," he looked to the Engineering staff. "We are going to need to mitigate any effects. There is some data about preliminary modifications that can be made before we get to the Nebula that the projected origin of the signal lies, so I would appreciate it if we could get started on those."

He shifted his gaze to the Medical staff, "Little is known about the physiological effects, but the medical staff at Outpost 1138 has done as much research as they can. I advise you speak with their Chief and compare notes. See what effects may befall this crew en route to our destination."

Hober nodded in understanding to the Captain as he received engineering's standing orders. He took mental note throughout, and as he figured engineering's mission mandate was the eternal engineering mandate; try to make sure nothing breaks, and if something does break, fix it. He finally looked around the table and recognized no one, save the biologist. Holy shit I know her. He tried to catch her eye and gave her a finger gun in recognition.

Without another peep from his Senior staff Rozen stood up. "Thank you again for your service, we have all stations to tend to. Dismissed."


Captain Rozen Coo, PhD
Commanding Officer


Commander Cooper Williams
Executive Officer


Lieutenant JG Alex Rymer
Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical


Lieutenant JG Kezkhe
Assistant Chief of Operations


Lieutenant JG Hober Mallow
(Assistant Chief) Engineer


Lieutenant JG Jason Lucas
Assistant Chief Science Officer


Ensign Maria Lionza


Lieutenant JG Jennell Forgrave, MD
Assistant Chief Medical Officer


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